Premium payment options

Cashflow is an extremely important aspect to any business so Austbrokers AEI Transport can provide a number of payment options for you.


Payments can be made in full by cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to Austbrokers AEI Transport Pty Ltd and forwarded with your company details to:

PO Box 1316
North Sydney NSW 2059

Direct deposit

Payment can be directly deposited into our trust bank account.  If you’d like to use direct deposit, please call our office and we’ll provide the relevant account details.  Please ensure you include a reference number with your payment to facilitate the cash allocation at our end.


A biller code and reference number is located on the bottom of your tax invoice if you want to pay your insurance premium directly from your online banking account.  BPAY will not accept payments by credit cards.

Credit card

Mastercard, Visa and American Express Cards are all accepted. Click on Online Payment and use the reference number and invoice number on the bottom of your tax invoice.  Please note that an administration fee inclusive of GST will be charged for Mastercard (1.1%), Visa (1.1%) and American Express (2.75%).

Premium funding

Premium funding means that you pay equal monthly instalments for your insurance premium, rather than one large upfront payment. It can be arranged over different periods so you can customise your repayment options. We can arrange premium funding through a finance company so please ask us for a quote.

If you already have been issued a reference code click here

For more information on any of these payment options,  please contact us  or call our office.

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