In the event of an accident

  • The owner will be contacted by the driver or police.
  • The owner will contact Austbrokers AEI Transport as quickly as possible – this allows the right salvage company to be organised.  Using the wrong salvage company often results in the vehicle being parked in a salvage yard for weeks at a time and a salvage bill that an insurer can’t jump over.
  • By contacting AEI Transport, we will ensure that the right people are on site for security of freight, equipment, driver wellbeing and driver personal property.
  • By contacting AEI Transport, if the client has a preferred repairer, we’ll notify them from the outset so that they can assist in the salvage process.
  • By contacting AEI Transport, if the client has not got a repairer, then we’ll contact suitable repairers on their behalf, checking workload and capabilities for the vehicle to be repaired back to pre-accident condition.
  • We’ll manage the claims which means making the insurer jump onto claims quickly.  We’ll contact the assessor, get repair quotes started on arrival at repairers.  We’ll push for authorisation to commence repairs as soon as possible. This will also come with an approximate date for the vehicle to be returned to operation so the client can arrange workload around that date.
  • Claims management has constant reporting systems with the repairer.  This will come with week to week updates on how the repair is proceeding such as any parts delays, problems or hold ups.

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