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Any incident or event likely to give rise to a claim should be immediately reported to our office as soon as possible.

We’ll establish the best course of action and advise you of the procedure to be adopted in order to pursue your claim. A completed claim form is generally required and should be completed as soon as possible after the event.

If a major incident or loss occurs outside business hours and you require immediate assistance, contact should be made with:

  • Your Account Manager
  • Tim Wedlock on 0408 205 973
  • Michael Donaldson on 0411 304 360
  • Craig Martin on 0477 240 170

For the theft of property and money, it is necessary to report the loss to the police.

Austbrokers AEI Transport should be contacted if a claim is not being handled satisfactorily.

In all cases involving a known or potential claim involving your liability to other partners, it is essential that you do not admit liability or make any offer of settlement to the other part as your right to indemnify under your insurance may be prejudiced.


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