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AEI Attends Natroad Conference

Last week, Michael Donaldson, Noel Kelly, Patrick Victor, Craig Martin and Tim Wedlock from AEI attended the Natroad Conference in Hamilton Island.

There were around 300 delegates, of which AEI have grown to now manage a large percentage and we believe well over $1m worth of income to our business, not to mention the percentage that are now clients.

This Association was the foundation of our Transport journey (31 years ago) and we were introduced by John L. Pierce, who were recognised for their 70 years LDRTA / Natroad membership at the Conference.

Other major clients included Jim Pearson Transport, Wettenhalls, Don Watson Transport, Shaws Darwin Transport, O’Conners Haulage, Murrell’s Freight, Alan Magill, Transforce, John Stevens, Cranstons, Douglas, Dunns, SRV, Claytons Towing and the list goes on. These businesses alone as a collective would have over 1,500 Prime Movers!!!

Naturally NTI were there, as well other suppliers that we met that we can work closely with (ie. finance and technology).

AEI branding continues to be well supported and recognised, and the feedback, on our staff for all our customer and claims service was extremely positive and assisted us in gaining more new business leads.

Apart from the business relationship and development, the sessions were also well put together. This included Seeing Machines technology where Wettenhalls gave AEI a huge wrap to the whole audience, the same with the diversity panel which included Emily Watson and NTI who again plugged our support.

The best news was that driverless trucks are still 20 years away!!!